Episode 2

Published on:

18th Oct 2020

Episode Two - Fruit Stands And Danger Coins

Brant can't seem to figure out Mey's game (LARPing) and Mey seems to find Brant equally baffling. They decide they should probably rest a little before getting back to the portal finding.




Creator fluff/Zoe Singleton - Twitter @questoflegend

Creator sinfuego/Uighur Abdulla - Twitter @sinfuego7

Editor Cole Burkhardt - Twitter @kingcole

Music Composer Michal Suchanek - Twitter @MichalSuchanek8


Meydinyor Marie Anello - Twitter: @MarieAnello

Brant Price Everett - Twitter @PriceEverett, Instagram @peverett96

Innkeep Stewart Moyer - Twitter: @reduxist

Connie/Tenant of Room 12 Claire Louise - https://www.castingcall.club/m/Claire%20Louise%20VA

Denho Jamie Iacono - Twitter: @VocalKaos

Charles Samuel Loaiza - Twitter @samuel_loaiza_

Show artwork for Hulm

About the Podcast

While moving houses, Brant accidentally moves to another world. After meeting up with the mysterious Meydinyör, the two make a deal: for Meydinyör to help Brant get back to his world, and for Brant to teach Meydinyör the way of the sword (or at least, what he remembers from his fencing classes). As the two travel and meet the residents in the land of Hulm, they are forced to deal with the consequences of their own actions, all the while learning about the true power of stabbing people with pointy bits of metal.
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